The Daily News | May 8

Russia declared boycott of Los Angeles Olympic Games, 1984
Rudolf Serkin died, 1991
First US transcontinental nonstop balloon flight began, 1980
Battle of the Coral Sea, 1942
Syrup for Coca Cola perfected (Dr. John Styth Pemberton), 1886
Battle of McDowell (Virginia), 1862
Gary Hart ended presidential bid after Donna Rice reports, 1987
First major league triple play, 1878
First baseball knocked out of Memorial Stadium (Baltimore), 1966
Mother’s Day signed into law, 1914
Muhammad Ali indicted for refusing induction in the US Army, 1967
“Dr. No” released in the US, 1963
George Peppard, actor (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”), died, 1994
Men’s Dacron suits introduced, 1951
70 day confrontation between US federal agents and Indians ended, 1973
“The Blue Dahlia” was released, 1946
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, “father of modern chemistry”, guillotined, 1794
V-E Day (the end of WWII in Europe), 1945
Eadweard Muybridge (Edward James Muggeridge), motion-picture pioneer, died, 1904
Gustave Flaubert, French author, died, 1880
Militia service of “every free able-bodied white male citizen” required in America, 1792
Oswald Spengler, German historian, died, 1936
First patent for an auto filed for (George Selden, Rochester New York) (granted in 1895), 1879
US instituted mining of Haiphong Harbor, 1972
Stephen Sondheim’s “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” opened on Broadway, 1962
Mississippi River discovered (Fernando de Soto), 1541
The bleachers along the left-field foul line of Fenway Park burned down (never to be re-erected), 1926
First transatlantic color TV pictures transmitted, 1963
Longest major league baseball game by time (8 hours, 6 minutes - 25 innings, White Sox vs. Brewers), 1984
Ten hour workday adopted for women (Massachusetts), 1874