The Daily News | May 7

Almanac Trial (A. Lincoln, defense attorney), 1858
Pontiac’s Rebellion, 1763
English siege of Orleans broken by Joan of Arc, 1429
Battle of Wilderness ends, 1864
Cole Porter’s “Can-Can” opened on Broadway, 1953
Indiana Territory organized, 1800
Worlds largest pearl (6.4 kg) found (Philippines), 1934
Battle of Dien Bien Phu ended, 1954
American Medical Association formed (Philadelphia), 1847
Fig Newton’s first produced, 1891
Wille “the Actor” Sutton tunneled out of prison, 1945
Germany surrendered after WWII, 1945
Elbert Hubbard, aspiring US author and craftsman, died, 1915
Protestant Episcopal Church formed, 1789
San Francisco Municipal Airport (Mills Field) dedicated, 1927
Battle of Eltham’s Landing, Virginia, 1862
Ludwig Van Beethoven last appeared on the concert stage, 1824
“Kraft Television Theater” premiered, 1947
Second council of Lyons (14th ecumenical council) opened, 1274
First US Presidential Inaugural Ball held, 1789
“Sherlock Holmes,” the first US Holmes film, was released, 1922
Henry Peter Brougham, Scotch jurist, died, 1868
RMS Lusitania sunk by German U-boat off Irish coast (1198 died), 1915
Flexible Flyer (sled) trademark registered, 1904
Salmon Portland Chase, American statesman (on $10,000 bill), died, 1873
“Saboteur,” by Alfred Hitchcock opened, 1942
“Shall We Dance,” starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, released, 1937
Hamburg, Germany established as a free city, 1189