The Daily News | May 22

Richard Nixon became the first US president to visit Moscow, 1972
US Civil War ended, 1865
Ceylon was declared a republic and changed its name to Sri Lanka, 1972
MITS sold to Pertec, 1977
First revolving restaurant dedicated (Top of the Needle, Seattle), 1961
First large-scale migration west, 1843
The Reno gang stole $98,000 in the first “Great Train Robbery”, 1868
Victor Hugo, French author, died, 1885
Martha Dandridge Custis Washington, wife of George Washington, died, 1802
“Ethernet” first used (Bob Metcalfe), 1973
Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb arrested for the “thrill killing”, 1924
Wright brothers granted patent on airplane, 1906
Tornado in Saragosa Texas (29 killed, 121 injured out of 185 population), 1978
Johnny Carson hosted his last “Tonight Show”, 1992
Alexander the Great defeated Persian King Darius III at Granicus, Turkey, -334
Rocky Graziano (Thomas Rocco Barbella), boxer, died, 1990
Bruce Springsteen (and the Castilles) recorded his first albumn (unreleased), 1966
First US black Major General (Benjamin O. Davis Jr), 1959
Senator Charles Sumner (Massachusetts) beaten with a cane by Representative Preston S. Brooks on the US Senate floor, 1856
Helen Herron Taft, wife of William Howard Taft, died, 1943