The Daily News | May 21

First female graduates of Coast Guard Academy, 1981
American Red Cross founded, 1881
Jule Styne’s “Gypsy” opened on Broadway, 1959
“Black Blizzard” (Great Plains), 1937
Rajiv Gandhi, former Indian Prime Minister, assassinated, 1991
Lazlo Toth attacked “The Pieta”, 1972
Martha’s Vineyard first sighted (Captain Bartholomew Gosnold), 1602
Waterbury watch patented (D.A. Buck), 1878
Amelia Earhart departed Oakland, California on her final flight, 1937
Jane Addams, pioneer social worker, died, 1935
John Eliot, translator of the Bible into an Indian tongue, died, 1690
First Democratic national convention held, 1832
First horror film (“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”) released (Chicago), 1908
British troops stormed the Falkland Islands, 1982