The Daily News | May 15

Asylum for Inebriates founded (Binghamton, New York), 1854
Sputnik III launched, 1958
Mike Schmidt hit 400th home run (vs. Welch - Dodgers), 1984
Faith 7 (US) launched, 1963
Justice Abe Fortas resigned from the US Supreme Court, 1969
US Department of Agriculture created, 1862
First impeachment in America (Chief Justice Nicolas More), 1685
Emily Dickinson, American poet, died, 1886
Soviet Union began withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, 1988
Weight Watchers founded (Jean Nidetch), 1963
US wartime gasoline rationing began (three gallons per week), 1942
First woman nominated for US president, 1888
US began first regular air mail service (New York to Washington DC), 1918
Nolan Ryan threw his first career no-hitter, 1973
George Wallace, Alabama Governor, shot by Arthur H. Bremer (Laurel, Maryland), 1972
Dissolution of Standard Oil Company ordered, 1911
First Englishman landed in New England (Captain Bartholomew Gosnold, New Bedford), 1602
Madison Hotel (Boston) destroyed by implosion, 1983
Longest nine-inning major league night game (4 hours, 11 minute - Red Sox 9, White Sox 6), 1991
First jockey to win 4,000 races (Johnny Longden), 1952
“Whispering Smith,” first TV police detective to use modern techniques in the Old West, premiered, 1961
First copyright law in US enacted (Massachusetts), 1672
First New York City resident given engineer’s certificate (a.k.a driver’s license) (Harold T. Birnie), 1915
First corporation with 1,000,000 shareholders (AT&T), 1950