The Daily News | May 14

Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC’s) authorized, 1942
Soyuz 40 (USSR) launched, 1981
Beginning of Lewis and Clark Expedition (Saint Louis), 1804
Nation of Israel proclaimed, 1948
August Strindberg, Swedish novelist and dramatist, died, 1912
Last Chevrolet Corvair produced, 1969
First Japanese diplomats to a foreign country arrive in US, 1860
Robert Maynard Hutchins, US educator, died, 1977
Louis XIV (“The Sun King”) ascended the throne of France, 1643
Skylab 1 (US), first US spacestation, launched, 1973
Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams, wife of John Quincy Adams, died, 1852
First Olympic Games held in the US (Saint Louis), 1904
Jamestown, Virginia (first permanent English settlement) founded, 1607
Robert Gordon Menzies, Australian statesman, died, 1978
Carl Schurz, journalist, political reformer, and army officer, died, 1906
Frances Perkins, first woman cabinet member, died, 1965
First admission charged to a collegiate sporting event (Harvard vs. McGill), 1874
Matthew Gregory Lewis, writer (“The Monk”), died, 1818