The Daily News | April 4

Martin Luther King Jr, civil rights leader, killed, 1968
NATO established, 1949
First post office established for American colonies, 1692
Yukon gold rush began, 1896
Tandy Corporation acquired Radio Shack (nine stores), 1963
El Chichon erupted (Mexico), 1982
Andre Michelin, first mass produced auto tires, died, 1931
Max Frisch, literary figure, died, 1991
First artificial heart transplant (Dr. Denton Cooley), 1969
Oliver Goldsmith, Irish writer, died, 1774
First electric power generated using municipal refuse as fuel, 1972
Alfred Butts, Scrabble inventor, died, 1993
Gloria Swanson (Gloria May Josephine Svensson), actress, died, 1983
“Dixie” first performed (New York), 1859
First female US mayor elected (Susanna M. Salter - Argonia, Kansas), 1887
Isaac Kauffman Funk, US publisher, died, 1912
William Henry Harrison, ninth US president, died (first to die in office), 1841
Smothers’ Brothers show cancelled by CBS, 1969
First newspaper printed from American-made type (“The Pennsylvania Mercury”), 1775
STS-6 (first Challenger flight) (US) launched, 1983
US Federal Drug Administration announced plans to study the smoking of banana peel, 1967
Sir Frances Drake knighted by Queen Elizabeth I, 1581
US Congress decided to have a flag with thirteen stripes and one star added for each state, 1818
Isaiah Thomas, American printer and editor, died, 1831