The Daily News | April 3

Richmond Virginia surrendered to Union forces, 1865
IBM 701 introduced, 1953
Patent for hat blocking and shaping machine granted, 1866
Pony Express inaugural run, 1860
Luna 10 (USSR) became the first spacecraft to orbit the moon, 1966
Sarah Vaughan, singer, died, 1990
Bruno Richard Hauptmann electrocuted for Lindbergh kidnapping, 1936
FORTRAN77 standard officially adopted, 1978
First US ambassador appointed (Thomas F. Bayard, Great Britain), 1893
Graham Greene, English novelist, died, 1991
Argentina captured the Falkland Islands dependency of South Georgia, 1982
Jesse Woodson James shot (Robert Ford), 1882
New Orleans ordered to integrate the first six grades of public schools, 1962
F. Scott Fitzgerald married Zelda Sayre, 1920
George Washington received an honorary doctor of law degree from Harvard College, 1776
Martin Luther excommunicated by Diet of Worms, 1531