The Daily News | April 19

Benjamin Rush, physician and patriot, died, 1813
First Boston Marathon, 1897
Lord George Gordon Byron, English poet, died, 1824
Warsaw Ghetto uprising, 1943
US and Netherlands began diplomatic relations, 1782
Salyut 7 (USSR) launched, 1982
Russia launched its first Salyut space station, 1971
“Casino Royale” released, 1967
Apollo 16 spacecraft (US) began orbiting the moon, 1972
Sierra Leone became a republic, 1971
The US ended the “gold standard” for the dollar, 1933
American Revolutionary War began, 1775
Benjamin Disraeli, British novelist and statesman, died, 1881
Charles Robert Darwin, biologist, died, 1882
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Carousel” opened on Broadway, 1945
Sunspots first observed (John Winthrop), 1739
Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco (church service), 1956
Explosion aboard the USS Iowa (47 killed), 1989
George Mickelson, South Dakota Governor, killed in plane crash, 1993
First casualties of Civil War (Baltimore), 1861