The Daily News | April 18

First laundromat opened in US (Ft. Worth, Texas), 1934
Titan 34-D Rocket failure, 1986
First issue of “Stars and Stripes” published, 1942
League of Nations dissolved, 1946
Rhodesia became the independent nation of Zimbabwe, 1980
“Third World” first used, 1955
Paul Revere and William Dawes began their famed rides, 1775
Albert Einstein, physicist, died, 1955
First female mayor of Dallas elected (Annette Strauss), 1987
Dorr’s Rebellion (Rhode Island), 1842
William Rufus Devane King, 13th US vice president, died, 1853
“30 Seconds Over Tokyo” raid occurred, 1942
Mike Schmidt hit 500th home run (vs. Robinson - Pirates), 1987
Joan Benoit won women’s Boston Marathon, 1983
Ernie Pyle, war correspondent, killed by Japanese gunfire, 1945
Ottorino Respighi, Italian composer, died, 1936
Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco (civil ceremony), 1956
Canadian Constitution Act went into effect, 1982
Treaty ratified giving the Panama Canal back to Panama in 2000, 1978
Sudbury, Massachusetts attacked by Indians, 1676
General Johnston surrendered to General Sherman at Durham Station, 1865
Yankee Stadium opened (Yankees 4, Boston 1), 1923
Tony C hit a home run off first major league pitch ever thrown to him, 1964
Ireland declared itself an independent nation, 1949
San Francisco earthquake (47 seconds, 700 killed, 250,000 homeless, 7.9 to 8.3 on Richter Scale), 1906
First country to adopt fingerprinting (Denmark), 1902