The Daily News | March 4

Jupiter’s ring discovered by Voyager 1 (US), 1979
Ogo 5 (US) launched, 1968
Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol, Russian author, died, 1852
Cortez landed in Mexico, 1519
David R. Atchison was US president for this day, 1849
John Candy, comedian, died, 1994
First female US cabinet member (Frances Perkins), 1933
Chicago granted a city charter, 1837
Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry, explorer, died, 1858
Battle of the Bismarck Sea ended, 1943
Kaiser Wilhelm Degross, German luxury liner launched, 1897
US Constitution became effective, 1789
First commercial photography studio opened (New York), 1840
Vermont became the 14th US state, 1791
The Stars and Bars flag design adopted by the Confederacy, 1861
James Forten, abolishionist, died, 1842
Ronald Reagan admitted swapping arms to Iran for hostages, 1987
Edward IV became English Sovereign, 1461
Norman Lockyer began spectroscopic observations of the sun, 1866
“Police Squad” premiered on ABC, 1982
King Charles II granted William Penn charter for Pennsylvania, 1681
Raphael Peale, American painter, died, 1825
FDR said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”, 1933
American Automobile Association formed, 1902
James Garfield became the first US president to use a telephone, 1881
Television Academy Hall of Fame formed, 1984
Ding Ling, Chinese writer and champion of women’s rights, died, 1986
First meeting of US Congress (New York), 1789
First recorded observation of the Orion Nebula (William Herschel), 1774
Ronald Wilson Reagan married Nancy Davis, 1952
First US president inaugurated in Washington DC (Thomas Jefferson), 1801
First issue of the Boston Globe published, 1872
First submarine reached North Pole - passing under the ice cap (Nautilus), 1958
First tavern in Boston opened (Samuel Cole), 1634