The Daily News | March 3

A Turkish jetliner crashed near Paris (345 killed), 1974
Carmen premiered, 1875
Apollo Computer, Inc became a publicly held company, 1983
Apollo 9 (US) launched, 1969
$30,000 appropriated for Egyptian camels for US Army, 1855
Danny Kaye, comedian, died, 1987
US Post Office began special delivery of first-class mail, 1885
Buffalo Springfield formed, 1966
Germany, Austria, and Russia signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, 1918
Missouri Compromise became law, 1820
Indian Appropriation Act (Indians wards of US government) passed, 1871
Florida became the 27th US state, 1845
Arthur Koestler, novelist (“Darkness at Noon”), and wife died, 1983
First organized hockey match (Montreal), 1875
“The Star-Spangled Banner” became the national anthem of the US, 1931
British coal miners ended a year long strike, 1985
The Home Department, forerunner of US Interior Department established, 1849
First issue of “Time” magazine published, 1923
First female lawyer heard by the US Supreme Court (Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood), 1879
First US Federal Prohibition Bureau authorized, 1927
Factory workers under 12 years old restricted to a 10 hour work day in Massachusetts, 1842
Comstock Act (no pornography in US Mail) passed, 1873
US Presidential Commission on Organized Crime called for drug-testing of all federal employees, 1986
First recorded use of a flat puck in a hockey game, 1875