The Daily News | March 17

Vanguard I (US), first solar powered satellite, launched, 1958
Rubber band patented, 1845
Continental Army forced British troops to evacuate Boston, 1776
F.W. Bessel, German astronomer, died, 1846
National Association of Professional Baseball Players formed, 1871
Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt married, 1905
First workable sidewheel steamboat (The New Orleans) launched, 1811
George Parker, English astronomer, died, 1764
Doctors’ first strike (demanding 40 hour work-week) (New York), 1975
The battle for the island of Iwo Jima ended, 1945
First US-born saint beatified (Mother Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton), 1963
Discovery (US) landed (Edwards Air Force Base), 1989