The Daily News | March 16

Military Academy at West Point authorized by Congress, 1802
Magellan sighted the Philippines, 1521
Impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson ended in acquittal, 1868
“Cabin B-13” first broadcast, 1943
Nathaniel Bowditch, US mathematician and astronomer, died, 1838
Czechoslovakia occupied by Germany, 1939
First of two Panama Canal pacts approved by the US Senate, 1978
William Buckley kidnapped in Beirut, 1984
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter” published, 1850
Selma Lagerlof, Swedish author, died, 1940
First liquid fuel powered rocket flight (Robert H. Goddard), 1926
My Lai massacre (300 civilians killed), 1968
Gemini 8 (US), first docking of orbiting spacecraft, launched, 1966
Aubrey Beardsley, English illustrator, died, 1898
Slowest trading day on the New York Stock Exchange (31 shares), 1830
Sir Hyde Parker, British fleet commander, died, 1807
First black newspaper in US (“Freedom’s Journal”) founded, 1827
First woman pharmacist graduated (Susan Hayhurst), 1883