The Daily News | March 14

Jack Ruby convicted of killing Lee Harvey Oswald, 1964
LISP introduced, 1960
Cotton gin (removes seeds) patented (Eli Whitney), 1794
Gold standard adopted, 1900
First US president to file a tax return (Harding), 1923
First US War Bonds authorized, 1812
New Berne (North Carolina) captured by Union troops, 1862
Great New England blizzard ended, 1888
Lucretia Rudolph Garfield, wife of James Abram, died, 1918
Karl Marx, German socialist, died, 1883
Land (now named Pennsylvania) granted to William Penn, 1681
Nazi troops occupied Czechoslovakia, 1939
Bases in the Philippines leased to the US for 99 years, 1947
International Copyright Act approved, 1891
The Rolling Stones left England for France to escape taxes, 1971
Jacques DeMolay was burned at the stake, 1314
First recorded American town meeting (Faneuil Hall, Boston), 1743
Busby Berkeley, film choreographer, died, 1976
Teddy Roosevelt excluded Japanese laborers from continental US, 1907
Leonard Andrew Grimes, abolitionist, died, 1874
Sir Thomas Malory, English author (“Le Morte d’Arthur”), died, 1471
First letter descriptive of America dispatched, 1493