The Daily News | March 13

Benjamin Harrison, 23rd US president, died, 1901
New York stockmarket crash, 1907
Standard time was adopted throughout the US, 1884
Discovery of Pluto announced, 1930
Susan Brownell Anthony, feminist pioneer, died, 1906
R.T.A. Innes, astronomer, died, 1933
Tennessee outlawed teaching of the theory of evolution, 1925
Space shuttle Discovery launched, 1989
Lerner and Loewe’s “Brigadoon” opened on Broadway, 1947
Filling of Lake Powell commenced, 1963
Harvard University was named for clergyman John Harvard, 1639
“Striptease” introduced (Paris), 1894
Titian Ramsey Peale, American artist and naturalist, died, 1885
Uranus discovered (William Herschel), 1781
Catherine (Kitty) Genovese killed while 38 neighbors watched, 1964
Clarence Seward Darrow, lawyer, died, 1938
Stephen Vincent Benet, poet (“John Brown’s Body”), died, 1943
Oil discovered in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 1968
Impeachment proceedings began against President Andrew Johnson, 1868
Earmuffs patented (Chester Greenwood), 1877
Uncle Sam debuted as a cartoon character (“New York Lantern”), 1852
Apollo 9 splashed down in the Atlantic, 1969
Phonofilm device (made movies with sound) demonstrated (Lee De Forest), 1923
Giotto (ESA) made flyby of Comet Halley, 1986