The Daily News | February 28

First gold seekers arrived in San Francisco, 1849
Salem witch hunt began, 1692
Lead banning in paint in US went into effect, 1978
Last episode of M*A*S*H, 1983
Olof Palme, Swedish Prime Minister, assassinated, 1986
USS Princeton explosion, 1844
“French Connection” drug bust occurred (Marseilles), 1972
Henry James, novelist, died, 1916
First killer whale born in captivity (Marineland, Los Angeles), 1977
Japanese forces landed in Java, 1942
First meeting of a group which would become the Republican Party, 1854
Elias Loennrot published “Kalevala”, 1835
US Beureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agents raided a cult compound near Waco, Texas, 1993
Liechtenstein rejected women’s suffrage, 1971
Chinese Nationalist police beat an old woman selling blackmarket cigarettes prompting massive rebellion on Taiwan, 1947
First televised basketball game (New York), 1940