The Daily News | February 27

First cigar rolling machine patented (Oscar Hammerstein), 1883
Battle of the Java Sea, 1942
John Dickson Carr, “locked room” mystery writer, died, 1977
Lillian Gish, actress, died, 1992
Wilhelm von Biela discovered the comet which bears his name, 1826
Last Battle of Shay’s Rebellion, 1787
Nazis set fire to the German parliament building (Reichstag), 1933
Henry Cabot Lodge, ex-envoy, died, 1985
Farmers converged in Washington DC to demand economic relief, 1985
Kuwait City liberated from the Iraqis, 1991
15th Amendment to the US Constitution (blacks vote) was passed, 1869
Indoor mile record set (Eammon Coghlan), 1983
Samuel Pierpont Langley, American astronomer and physicist, died, 1906
King Richard “The Lionhearted” crowned, 1189
22nd Amendment to the US Constitution ratified (two term president), 1950
US Supreme Court outlawed sit-down strikes, 1939
Nicholas Biddle, US lawyer, diplomat, statesman, and financier, died, 1844
Shanghai Communique (Nixon and Chou En-Lai), 1972
Wayne Williams convicted of murdering two of 28 young blacks (Atlanta), 1982
US Supreme Court upheld the right of women to vote, 1922
Last of the 13 colonies (Maryland) approved the “Articles of Confederation”, 1781
American Association for the Hard of Hearing formed, 1919