The Daily News | February 12

40 million acre wildlife refuge created in Alaska, 1980
Fugitive slave law enacted, 1793
Patrice Lumumba, former Congolese premier, killed, 1961
US Army opened first airway, 1921
“Aroostook War” (Maine vs. New Brunswick) began, 1839
Grant Wood, US artist, died, 1942
Georges August Escoffier, inventor of peche Melba, died, 1935
Immanuel Kant, philosopher, died, 1804
First American POW’s in North Vietnam were released (116), 1973
First performance of “Rhapsody in Blue”, 1924
General James Edward Oglethorpe landed at what is now Savannah, 1733
Ethan Allen, US Revolutionary War hero, died, 1789
Safetypup, created by National Child Safety Council, first used, 1985
Sikhote-Alin meteorite fell in Eastern Siberia, 1947
James Hubert “Eubie” Blake, composer (“I’m Just Wild About Harry”), died, 1983
Venera 1 (USSR) (first flyby of Venus) launched, 1961