The Daily News | February 11

First Soviet commercial satellite mission launched, 1990
Nelson Mandela freed, 1990
Lateran Treaty (independence of Vatican City) signed, 1929
Conference at Yalta ended, 1945
Honore Daumier, French painter and caricaturist, died, 1879
William Conrad, actor, died, 1994
Elisabeth Achelis, proposed each year begin Sunday, died, 1973
Neil Bonnett, NASCAR driver, died, 1994
China lifted a ban on Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Dickens, 1978
Sylvia Plath, poet, killed herself, 1963
Rene Descartes, French philosopher and mathematician, died, 1650
Jack Paar walked off the set for 18 days, 1960
First bombing raids on North Vietnam madeby US and South Vietnam, 1965
Frank Herbert, author (“Dune”), died, 1986
World’s largest lobster caught off Nova Scotia (44 pounds 6 ounces), 1977
Osumi, first Japanese satellite, launched, 1970
First Gerrymandering took place (Governor Elbridge Gerry, Massachusetts), 1812
Last day of JOSS service at RAND Corporation, 1966
General Motors agreed to recognize the UAW as bargaining agent for its workers, 1937
Emperor Jimmu ascended to the Japanese throne, -660
President-elect Abraham Lincoln set out from Springfield Illinois for Washington DC, 1861
First snomobile to exceed 125 mph (Yvon Duhamel), 1972