The Daily News | December 6

First official US government radio message broadcast, 1923
Altamont Concert, 1969
First US satelite launch attempt (max altitude, 5 feet), 1957
Quito Equador founded, 1534
Honus Wagner (John Peter Wagner), baseball player, died, 1955
Roy Orbison, singer, died, 1988
Martha Washington became the first US woman on a US stamp, 1902
Anthony Trollope, English novelist, died, 1882
Saint Nicholas (patron of Russia, Greece, and Sicily) died, 342
Finland declared independence from Russia, 1917
First black won the Heismann Memorial Trophy (Ernest Davis), 1961
First sound recording made (Thomas Edison), 1877
Explosion in the harbor at Halifax, Nova Scotia (>1600 killed), 1917
Don Ameche (Dominic Felix Amici), actor, died, 1993
13th Amendment to the US Constitution (abolishing slavery) ratified, 1865
US Congress moved from New York to Philadelphia, 1790
Irish Free State (now the Republic of Ireland) officially proclaimed, 1922
Gunman killes 14 women at University of Montreal, 1989
$2.3 billion emergency loan to save New York from bankruptcy authorized, 1975
W.L. Mackenzie King elected Canadian Prime Minister, 1921
Longest women’s tennis winning streak ended (Navratilova, 74 matches), 1984
Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, died, 1889