The Daily News | November 29

Giacomo Puccini, Italian opera composer, died, 1924
Cary Grant, actor, died, 1986
First Army-Navy football game (Navy 24, Army 0), 1890
King Tut’s tomb opened, 1922
DC-8F crashed on takeoff from Montreal (118 killed), 1963
Ralph Bellamy, actor, died, 1991
Cole Porter’s “Gay Divorce” opened on Broadway, 1932
Warren Commission appointed, 1963
Thomas Edison demonstrated the hand-cranked phonograph, 1877
Natalie Wood, actress, died, 1981
Jule Styne’s “Bells are Ringing” opened on Broadway, 1956
Sand Creek Massacre (Colorado), 1864
Lt. Commander Richard Byrd and crew flew across South Pole, 1929
Kilauea Volcano erupted (Hawaii), 1975
First black preacher licensed by a white church (Lemuel Haynes), 1780
Convention of Spanish Inquisitors, 1484
First underground atomic bomb explosion (Frenchman Flat, Nevada), 1951
Czechoslovakia ended communist rule, 1989
UN called for the partitioning of Palestine between Arabs and Jews, 1947
Electric bridge table patented (L. Hammond), 1932
Committee on Secret Correspondence (became US State Department) created, 1775
Mercury 5 (US) launched (included chimpanzee), 1961