The Daily News | November 28

US fired an ICBM at full range for first time, 1958
Mariner 4 (US) launched, 1964
UN passed a resolution to force Iraq from Kuwait, 1990
Mauritania attained sovereignty, 1960
Picasso’s “Acrobat” sold for $38.45 million, 1988
Cape Canaveral renamed Cape Kennedy, 1963
Washington Irving, writer (“Rip Van Winkle”), died, 1859
Proclamation of the Republic of Chad, 1867
Syrtis Major (on Mars) first spotted (Christiaan Huygens), 1659
Coconut Grove Fire (Boston - 487 killed), 1942
First female member of British Parliament (Lady Nancy Astor), 1919
Stalin, FDR, and Churchill met in Teheran, 1943
STS-9 (US) launched (first person to use a ham radio from space), 1983
First skywriting message (“Hello USA”), 1922
First US auto race (Chicago to Evanston and back) (winner average seven miles per hour), 1895
Ferdinand Magellan entered the Pacific Ocean, 1520