The Daily News | October 11

Ulrich Zwingli, Swiss humanist and author was killed, 1531
Apollo 7 (US) launched, 1968
First US Dragoons, first US Cavalry outfit, assembled, 1833
Redd Foxx, actor and comedian, died, 1991
First 100 yard dash run under 10 seconds (John Owens), 1890
“NBC’s Saturday Night” debuted, 1975
Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harrassment, 1991
Anton Bruckner, Austrian composer, died, 1896
James Prescott Joule, English physicist and inventor, died, 1889
The “Gang of Four” arrested in Peking, 1976
Patent for first adding machine granted (D. Felt for Comptmeter), 1887
Meriwether Lewis, American explorer, died, 1809
Largest tax fraud penalty in US history ($200 million, Marc Rich), 1984
Bryant Pond, Maine changed to dial telephones, 1983
CBS received government authorization to broadcast programs in color, 1950
Daughters of the American Revolution organized, 1890
San Francisco Board of Education ordered Oriental children segregated, 1906
Casimir Pulaski, father of the US cavalry, died, 1779
Archibald M. Willard, American artist (“The Spirit of ’76”), died, 1818
Second Vatican Ecumenical Council opened in Rome, 1962
First steam powered ferry began operations (New York to Hoboken New Jersey), 1811
First quiz program on radio (“Professor Quiz”), 1936