The Daily News | October 10

A dam burst in northern Italy (3000 killed), 1963
Yul Brynner, actor, died, 1985
Carter Braxton, US revolutionary statesman, died, 1797
First American Church formed, 1918
Revolution against the imperial Manchu dynasty began, 1911
Orson Welles, actor-director, died, 1985
The Naval School (now called US Naval Academy) opened, 1845
US engineers blew up the Gamboa Dam, 1913
Billy Thomas, actor (Buckwheat in “Our Gang”), died, 1980
Tuxedo introduced (Griswold Lorillard), 1886
William Henry Seward, former US secretary of state, died, 1872
Wayne Gretzky’s first NHL appearance, 1979
Only triple play in World Series history turned (Bill Wambsganss), 1920
“Porgy and Bess” opened on Broadway, 1935
Spiro Theodore Agnew resigned as US vice president due to tax fraud, 1973
Double earthquake in Algeria (6000 killed), 1980