The Daily News | January 27

Giuseppi Verdi, Italian opera composer, died, 1901
Gunpowder Plot Trial, 1606
Lilli Palmer (Lillie Marie Peiser), actress, died, 1986
US Marines occupied Haiti, 1915
Electric incandescent lamp patented (Thomas Edison), 1880
Claude Akins, actor, died, 1994
First US vice president to be cremated (N.A. Rockefeller), 1979
Ceasefire ended Vietnam War, 1973
First US state University chartered (University of Georgia), 1785
First atomic bomb test in Nevada, 1951
Sherm Feller, Boston Red Sox public address announcer, died, 1994
George Bancroft, US historian, died, 1891
Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman (a.k.a. Nelly Bly), journalist, died, 1922
John James Audubon, naturalist, died, 1851
A.D. Boileau, newspaper editor, arrested for opposing the US Civil War, 1863
Fire aboard Apollo 1 (US) killed crew, 1967
Kappa Alpha Theta, first sorority, founded (DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana), 1870
Dante Alighiere expelled from Florence, 1302