The Daily News | January 26

“Wheatless” and “Meatless” days called for, 1918
EDVAC demonstrated, 1952
Television first demonstrated (J.L. Baird, London), 1926
Michigan became 26th US state, 1837
“Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer” returned to TV, 1984
Edward G. Robinson, actor, died, 1973
Hong Kong proclaimed a sovereign territory of Britain, 1841
India became the Republic of India, 1950
Serge Rubinstein, international con man, found strangled, 1955
Earthquake in Lisbon (30,000 killed), 1531
First babysitter’s insurance policy issued (Saint Louis), 1950
Abner Doubleday, baseball pioneer, died, 1893
Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, former US vice president, died, 1979
Super Bowl XX (New England 10, Chicago 46), 1986
David R. Atchison, president of US for 1 day (3/4/1849), died, 1886
Sydney, Australia (then Port Jackson) settled, 1778
Indian National Congress resolved to work for establishment of a sovereign republic, 1929
First US state temperance law passed (Tennessee), 1838