The Daily News | September 27

A typhoon battered Honshu (nearly 5000 killed), 1959
Book matches patented, 1892
Bobby Jones won the US Amateur golf championship, 1930
Soyuz 12 (USSR) launched, 1973
Democratic National Committee voted to admit women, 1919
Queen Elizabeth launched, 1938
First day of shooting on “Never Say Never Again”, 1982
Aqueduct race track opened, 1894
John Adams was named to negotiate peace terms with Britain, 1779
Poland surrendered to Germany, 1939
Thomas Burnet, author (“The Theory of the Earth”), died, 1715
Warren Commission report released, 1964
“The Tonight Show” made its TV debut (Steve Allen - host), 1954
Lou Gehrig hit his first home run, 1923
A woman in a car was arrested for smoking (5th Ave, New York), 1904
Lou Gehrig hit his last (493) home run, 1938
First published blues music, “Memphis Blues,” by W.C. Handy, 1912
Reagan tax overhaul approved by Senate, 1986
Ben Johnson, Canadian sprinter, stripped of an Olympic gold medal, 1988
Arctic collided with a French steamship, 1854
First passenger hauled in a locomotive (England - George Stephenson), 1825
James H. Doolittle, retired US General, died, 1993