The Daily News | September 26

M.M. Wills stole his 100th base of the season, 1962
Clara Bow died, 1965
Transatlantic flight on Laker Airways cost $102, 1977
RMS Queen Mary launched, 1934
Australia II won the America’s cup from the US, 1983
First Kennedy-Nixon debate, 1960
Edward Albert Filene, credit union founder, died, 1937
Ted Williams’ final swing, 1960
Eight men and women entered Biosphere II in Arizona, 1991
A bomb falls on the Parthenon, 1687
First US Postmaster General appointed (Samual Osgood), 1789
Meuse-Argonne offensive began, 1918
Harriet Monroe, founder of “Poetry” magazine, died, 1936
Yemen Arab Republic proclaimed, 1962
George Santayana, Spanish philosopher and author, died, 1952
Daniel Boone, frontiersman, died, 1820
John George Nicolay, private secretary to Lincoln, died, 1901
Edgar Degas, French painter, died, 1917
First US Secretary of State appointed (Thomas Jefferson), 1789
British troops occupied Philadelphia, 1777
UN troops took Seoul, South Korea from North Korean forces, 1950
Eight men and women left Biosphere II, 1993
US Federal Trade Commission replaced Bureau of Corporations, 1914
Emily Post, etiquette authority, died, 1960
First US Attorney General appointed (Edmund Jennings Randolph), 1789
Bela Bartok, Hungarian composer, died, 1945
“Abbey Road” by The Beatles released in the United Kingdom, 1969
William II became the English Sovereign, 1087
John Philip Sousa and band first performed in public (New Jersey), 1892
“West Side Story” opened on Broadway, 1957
August Ferdinand Mobius, German astronomer and mathematician, died, 1868
Lafcadio Hearn, multinational author, died, 1904
Longest speech in UN history (4 hours, 29 minutes, by Fidel Castro), 1960
First US Supreme Justice confirmed (John Jay), 1789
Became illegal to practice medicine in New Jersey without a license, 1772
First Inquisitors appointed to serve in Spain, 1480