The Daily News | August 10

Virginia Stephen married Leonard Woolf, 1912
FDR stricken with polio, 1921
First electric streetcar ran (Baltimore), 1885
Battle of Wilson’s Creek, 1861
LaBianca murders (“The Manson Family”), 1969
Ferdinand VI of Spain died, 1759
Smithsonian Institute established (bequest by J. Smithson), 1846
Discoverer 13 (US) launched, 1960
“E pluribus unum” (Out of many one) adopted as US motto, 1776
Lunar Orbiter 1 (US) launched, 1966
US and Panama agreed to transfer the canal in the year 2000, 1977
Ecuador attained independence, 1809
Province of Maine granted to John Mason and Ferdinando Gorges, 1622
Missouri became 24th US state, 1821
Robert Hutchings Goddard, “father of the space age,” died, 1945
First day of filming “Octopussy”, 1982
Noyes Academy (Canaan, New Hampshire) burned after 14 blacks enrolled, 1835
Chicago incorporated (population 200), 1833