The Daily News | July 6

John Marshall, US Supreme Court Justice, died, 1835
USSR was formed, 1923
Republic of Comoros declared its independence, 1975
Soyuz 21 (USSR) launched, 1976
First airship crossing of the Atlantic ocean completed, 1919
Malawi became a republic, 1966
Sir Thomas More, English statesman and writer, beheaded, 1535
Jefferson Airplane formed, 1965
First black US State’s Attorney (Cecil Francis Poole), 1961
First All-Star baseball game, 1933
First successful antirabies innoculation (Louis Pasteur), 1885
Lawrence of Arabia captured Aqaba, 1917
John Hus, Bohemian religious leader, burned at the stake, 1415
Elvis Presley made his first record, 1954
Olive Ann Beech, co-founder of Beech Aircraft Corporation, died, 1993
Louis Armstrong, jazz musician, died, 1971
US monetary system ($10, $1, $.10, $.01 coins) proposed (Jefferson), 1785
Malawi gained independence from Britain, 1964
First all-talking movie premiere (“The Light of New York”, New York), 1928
William Faulkner, American novelist, died, 1962
Ringling Brothers Circus tent fire in Hartford, Connecticut (168 killed), 1944
“Principia,” by Isaac Newton, published, 1687
Captain William Kidd, New York businessman turned pirate, siezed in Boston, 1699
Jagjivan Ram, Indian political leader, died, 1986
US Declaration of Independence announced on front page of the “Pennsylvania Evening Gazette”, 1776
The Republican Party was formally established, 1854