The Daily News | July 3

First US bank opened (Bank for Savings, New York), 1819
Raid on Entebbe, 1976
Iran Air Flight 655 shot down by American warship, 1988
Soyuz 14 (USSR) launched, 1974
The City of Quebec was founded (Samuel de Champlain), 1608
Idaho became 43rd US state, 1890
First color TV transmission (John Logie Baird, London), 1928
San Francisco mint approved, 1852
The Von Trapp family appeared on “What’s My Line?”, 1960
“Blondie” first broadcast, 1939
Rudy Vallee (Hubert Prior Vallee), singer and actor, died, 1986
Don Drysdale, baseball player, died, 1993
Confederate forces defeated by Union Army at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1863
US Veteran’s Bureau first organized, 1930
Joel Chandler Harris, American author (“Uncle Remus” stories), died, 1908
Jim Morrison, vocalist for The Doors, died, 1971
First of three fatal shark attacks occurred off New Jersey shore (four killed), 1916
Wyoming Valley (Pennsylvania) massacre began, 1778
George Washington took command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1775
Amelia Earhart, US aviatrix, lost over Pacific, 1937