The Daily News | July 23

Digital Equipment Corporation announced a $1.8 billion loss, 1992
Soyuz 37 (USSR) launched, 1980
Oldest US medical society formed (New Brunswick, New Jersey), 1766
Birdie May Vogt died (age 112), 1989
First person to leap from the Brooklyn Bridge (Steve Brodie), 1886
Cordell Hull, US statesman, died, 1955
First coins bearing dates other than date of issue authorized, 1965
Ice cream cone introduced (Saint Louis), 1904
Roger Sherman, signer of US Declaration of Independence, died, 1793
Revolution of the Arab Republic of Egypt, 1952
Robert Joseph Flaherty, “father of the documentary film,” died, 1951
First US swimming school opened (Boston), 1827
Satellite launched which showed the Amazon river seriously mischarted, 1972
Edward V. Rickenbacker, WWI aviator, died, 1973
David (Lewelyn) Wark Griffith, film director (“Birth of a Nation”), died, 1948
Domenico Scarlatti, Italian composer, died, 1757
Typewriter patented (William Burt, Mount Vernon, Michigan for “typographer”), 1829
Helicopter accident on “The Twilight Zone” set, 1982
Sioux tribes of the Midwest agreed to give up most of their land in Iowa and Minnesota, 1851
Kay Kyser (James King Kern Kyser), US bandleader, died, 1985
Ulysses Simpson Grant (Hiram Ulysses Grant), Civil War General and 18th US president, died, 1885
Henry David Thoreau arrested for refusing to pay poll tax, 1846
Vanessa Williams, first black Miss America, relinquished her crown because of nude photos in Penthouse, 1984
Glenn Hammond Curtiss, US inventor of the hydroplane, died, 1930