The Daily News | July 21

Belgium became independent from Netherlands, 1831
US returned to Guam, 1944
Robert Green Ingersol, American author, died, 1899
Guam ceded to US by Spain, 1898
Liberty Bell muffled to toll Lafayette’s death, 1834
Scopes Monkey Trial ended, 1925
First hammer throw over 231 feet (Harold Connolly), 1962
Vietnam divided at 17th parallel, 1954
First reported killing of a human by a robot (Jackson, Michigan), 1984
Robert Burns, Scottish poet, died, 1796
National Women’s Hall of Fame (Seneca Falls, New York) dedicated, 1979
Veteran’s Administration founded, 1930
Jesse James held up the Rock Island express train at Adair, Iowa and excaped with $3000, 1873
Battle of Bull Run (Manassas, Virginia), 1861