The Daily News | July 18

Rohini 1 (India) (first launch from India) launched, 1980
Aisne-Marne offensive began, 1918
First smoking car introduced (Pensylvania railroad), 1858
Second artificial comet made, 1985
$2.5 million paid for filly sired by Northern Dancer, 1983
Fireworks banned in Cleveland, 1908
Horatio Alger Jr, American clergyman and author, died, 1899
Ty Cobb got his 4000th base hit, 1927
Tony Mullane pitched with each hand during a baseball game, 1882
Jane Austen, English novelist, died, 1817
First patriotic American song (“The Liberty Song”) appeared, 1768
Vietnam admitted as a member of the UN, 1977
US Draft registration ruled unconstitutional for excluding women, 1980
John Rutledge, American statesman, died, 1800
VS-300 test ’copter (Igor Sikorsky) stayed aloft for 15 minutes, 1940
John Paul Jones, founder of US Navy, died, 1792
Emanuel Leutze, painter (“Washington Crossing the Delaware”), died, 1868
Bobby Fuller, musician, found dead in his car, 1966
Douglas Groce “Wrong Way” Corrigan landed in Ireland instead of Los Angeles, 1938
First day of shooting of “License to Kill”, 1988
Worst one-day slaughter by a lone assailant in US history (San Ysidro, California - 21 killed), 1984
Videotapes of the remains of the Titanic released, 1986