The Daily News | July 13

Claire Straith, innovator in cosmetic surgery, died, 1958
First US military draft, 1863
“Live Aid” Concerts performed (Philadelphia and London), 1985
25 hour blackout in New York, 1977
Horace Greeley wrote “Go West, young man, and grow ...”, 1865
Battle of Murfreesboro (Tennessee), 1862
First baseball All-Star game played outside the US (Montreal), 1982
Wordsworth wrote “Tintern Abbey”, 1798
Source of Mississippi River discovered (Henry R. Schoolcraft), 1832
Women first competed in Olympic games, 1908
Stephen Hopkins, signer of US Declaration of Independence, died, 1785
Frank Sinatra recorded his first songs, 1939
Northwest Ordinance (government of territory north of Ohio river) became law, 1787
Casco Bay taken by Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1658
Benito Juarez, Mexican revolutionary, ordered Catholic Church property confiscated, 1859
Gugliemo Marconi awarded a patent for the radio, 1898
Thomas L. Root was rescued with a mysterious gunshot wound after ditching his plane near the Bahamas, 1989
First man conquered the Matterhorn (Edward Whymper), 1865