The Daily News | June 6

Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society founded, 1890
Carl G. Jung died, 1961
Chrysler Corporation founded (Walter Percy Chrysler), 1925
Battle of Midway ended, 1942
Wee Willie Keeler made his professional baseball debut, 1892
D-Day (Normandy landing), 1944
Soyuz 11 (USSR) (first humans to die in space) launched, 1971
US Polo Association formed, 1890
Gustavus I (Gustavus Vasa) ascended the throne of Sweden, 1523
Patrick Henry, US patriot, died, 1799
First drive-in movie theater opened (Camden, New Jersey), 1933
Battle of Belleau Wood (France) began, 1918
Stan Getz, saxophonist (“The Girl From Ipanema”), died, 1991
Electric Iron patented (Henry W. Weely), 1882
Lillian Russell (Helen Louise Leonard), singer-actress, died, 1922
Robert Francis Kennedy, US Senator, died, 1968
George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen began rowing from US to France, 1896
Proposition 13 (California) passed (66%), 1978
Sir John Alexander MacDonald, first Canadian Prime Minister, died, 1891
Jeremy Bentham, Utilitarian philosopher, died, 1832
Land granted for first gunpowder mill in US (Pecoit, Massachusetts), 1639
Memphis, Tennessee surrendered to Union troops, 1862
James Meredith, black activist, shot and wounded while on a lone march, 1966
US Securities and Exchange Commission established, 1934
First cotton goods to be trademarked and manufactured (Beverly, Massachusetts), 1788
Susan B. Anthony was fined for voting (never paid), 1873