The Daily News | May 19

T.E. Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia”) died, 1935
Postcard first authorized, 1898
Simplon Tunnel (Brig, Switzerland to Iselle, Italy) opened, 1906
Rabies treatment perfected, 1884
Edward Douglass White, US Supreme Court Chief Justice, died, 1921
Ogden Nash, humorist, died, 1971
William Ewart Gladstone, English statesman and author, died, 1898
Dark at noon in New England, 1780
Jose Julian Marti, Cuban author and political activist, killed, 1895
Pioneer/Venus 1 (US) launched, 1978
Robert Bailey Thomas, founded “The Farmer’s Almanac”, died, 1846
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died, 1994
Apollo Computer, Inc officially became a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard, 1989
Booth Tarkington, US novelist, died, 1946
US diplomats found at least 40 secret microphones in the Moscow embassy, 1964
Amy Fisher shot Mary Joe Buttafuoco, 1992
Anne Boleyn, second of King Henry VIII’s six wives and mother of Queen Elizabeth I, beheaded, 1536
James Boswell, Scottish biographer, died, 1795
National Anthem memorizing resolution submitted to US House of Representatives (Claude A. Fuller), 1932
Mars 2 (USSR), first Mars impact, launched, 1971