The Daily News | April 30

First bridge to be named for a woman (Betsy Ross Bridge), 1976
Louisiana Purchase, 1803
First French colonizers in US (Port Royal, Parris Island), 1562
NBC began regular broadcasting, 1939
South Vietnam unconditionally surrendered to North Vietnam, 1975
Adolf Hitler committed suicide, 1945
Muhammad Ali stripped of his boxing title for draft dodging, 1972
Louisiana became 18th US state, 1812
Anthony Boucher (William Anthony White), critic and novelist, died, 1968
Columbia University takeover ended, 1968
First theatrical performance in North America (near El Paso, Texas), 1598
Iranian Embassy in London seized by Arabs, 1980
Thoreau accidentally set fire to the woods near Concord, Massachusetts, 1844
George Washington inaugurated as US president, 1789
John Montague, fourth Earl of Sandwich, inventor of the sandwich, died, 1792
A.E. Housman, poet (“A Shropshire Lad”), died, 1936
John Luther “Casey” Jones, railroad engineer, killed (Vaughan, Mississippi), 1900
Alben William Barkley, 35th US vice president, died, 1956