The Daily News | April 1

First moving assembly line installed (Henry Ford), 1913
Marvin Gaye killed. , 1984
Jim Jordan, radio actor (“Fibber McGee”), died, 1988
Yourdon, Inc. founded, 1974
First accident insurance policy printed (Hartford), 1864
Robert the Hermit died, 1832
Tiros-1 (US), first meteorological satellite, launched, 1960
Royal Air Force founded, 1918
Control of the Panama Canal Zone transferred to Panama, 1982
Great Plague hit London, 1665
First edition of “Mother Goose” published (Boston), 1719
Gene Autry married Ina Mae, 1932
Adolf Hitler imprisoned for Beer Hall Putsch involvement, 1924
Air Force Academy established, 1954
First treaty signed between the American colonists and indians, 1621
US forces swarmed ashore on Okinawa, 1945
Meats, cooking oil, and cheese placed under US wartime rationing, 1943
Scott Joplin, ragtime composer, died, 1917
Authority to build the first bridge in US issued (Neponset River), 1634
Last “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour” aired, 1960
US House of Representatives held its first full meeting (New York), 1789
World oil prices dropped below $10 a barrel, 1986
Confederate forces defeated by Union troops at Five Forks, Virginia, 1865
Napoleon I married Marie-Louise, his second wife, 1810