The Daily News | March 19

Thomas Bailey Aldrich, American author and editor, died, 1907
Jim Bakker, TV evangelist, resigned, 1987
First recorded US bank robbery (City Bank, New York - $245,000), 1831
Versailles Treaty rejected by US Senate, 1920
Men between 45 and 64 ordered to register for non-military duty, 1942
First day of shooting on “Goldfinger”, 1964
Adamson Act ruled constitutional (eight hour work day on railroads), 1917
Final episode of “Mary Tyler Moore” aired, 1977
First state to ban sex discrimination in athletic events (Pennsylvania), 1975
First recorded eclipse (lunar, according to Ptolemy), -721
Ruth Brown Snyder and Henry Judd Gray carry out the “Dumbbell Murder”, 1927
Standard Time modified to create Daylight Savings Time, 1918