The Daily News | February 22

First Woolworth’s opened (Utica, New York), 1879
Andy Warhol died, 1987
Indians introduced popcorn to English colonists, 1630
Tennesse abolished slavery, 1865
J.H. Schroeter began surveying the lunar surface, 1787
Florida ceded to US (Spain), 1819
Charles Wilson Peale, American portrait painter, died, 1827
David “the bubble boy” died, 1984
“Hercule Poirot” premiered on Mutual Radio Network, 1945
Richard Nixon arrived in Peking, 1972
Elizabeth Bowen, novelist (“The Death of the Heart”), died, 1973
S.A. Mitchell, US astronomer, died, 1960
Oskar Kokoschka, artist, playwright, teacher, and humanitarian, died, 1980
First public thanksgiving celebrated, 1631
Israeli fighter planes shot down a Libyan commercial airliner (106 killed), 1973
Shoemakers in Lynn, Massachusetts strike, 1860
First US joint stock company (American Manufactory of Woolens, Linens, and Cottons) offered shares at 10 pounds, 1775
Amerigo Vespucci, Italian navigator, died, 1512