The Daily News | February 20

First scalping of American Indians by white men, 1725
Alice Roosevelt Longworth died, 1980
Anthony Eden resigned as British Foreign Secretary, 1938
Mir Space Station (USSR) launched, 1986
Earthquake recorded in Valdivia in Darwin’s diary, 1835
Walter Winchell, US journalist, died, 1972
First woman set foot on Antarctica (Mrs. Karoline Mikkelson), 1935
Chester Nimitz, US naval officer, died, 1966
“Follow the Fleet,” starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, released, 1936
Clarence Nash (voice of Donald Duck) died, 1985
Mercury Friendship 7 (US) (first American to orbit earth - Glenn) launched, 1962
US Congress proposed repeal of prohibition, 1933
Frederick Douglass (Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey), American journalist, died, 1895
Giocchino Vincenzo Pecci, 256th pope, elected, 1878
US National Emergency Warning Center erroneously ordered radio and TV stations off the air, 1971
Derek Jarman, director (“Edward II”), died, 1994
The US Supreme Court ruled the power of the federal government was no greater than that of any individual state in the Union, 1809
Admiral Robert E. Peary, Arctic explorer, died, 1920