The Daily News | December 11

Cuban freedom fighters attacked UN with bazooka, 1964
UNICEF established, 1946
Muhammad Ali announced his retirement (third time), 1981
US Libertarian Party founded, 1971
Alaska’s first TV station went on the air (KTVA), 1953
Sam Cooke, soul singer, killed, 1964
Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17) landed on moon, 1972
Big Ben stopped by cold weather, 1981
King Edward VIII abdicated to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson, 1936
Indiana became the 19th US state, 1816
Nativity scene first displayed near the White House since 1973, 1984
George VI became English Sovereign, 1936
Frank Sinatra Jr released after his father paid $240,000 ransom, 1963
Anesthesia first used in dentistry, 1844
First direct military support for South Vietnam arrived in Saigon, 1961
Germany and Italy declared war on US, 1941
US Congress passed the Atherton Gag Law (prohibit discussion of slavery), 1838
University of North Carolina chartered, 1789
30,000 women tried to rip down fences around US cruise missile base at Greenham Common, England, 1983
Republic of Upper Volta attained autonomy, 1958