The Daily News | November 15

First papal visit to West Germany in 200 years, 1980
Sherman burned Atlanta, 1864
1980 US draft registration law declared invalid, 1982
Brazil became a republic, 1889
250,000 marched in Washington to protest Vietnam war, 1969
Lech Walesa addressed US Congress, 1989
Razor with disposable blades patented (King Camp Gillette), 1904
Margaret Mead, anthropologist, died, 1978
Johannes Kepler, German astronomer and mathematician, died, 1630
American Federation of Labor formed, 1881
Equal Rights Amendment failed in US House of Representatives, 1983
Niagara Falls power plant started up, 1896
First recorded reference to tobacco made (Christopher Columbus), 1492
Pike’s Peak sighted (Zebulon Pike), 1806
Buran (USSR), first Soviet reusable space plane flight, launched, 1988
League of Nations met for the first time, 1920
First black professional hockey player signed (Arthur Dorrington), 1950
NBC made its debut with 24 radio stations, 1926
NBA record 13 players foul out in one game (Baltimore vs Syracuse), 1952
Luis Munoz-Rivera, Puerto Rican patriot, died, 1916
John Witherspoon, signer of the US Declaration of Independence, died, 1794
Lionel Barrymore (Lionel Blythe), actor, died, 1954