The Daily News | October 6

First giant exhibited in New York (Patrick Magee), 1825
First GPSS manual published, 1961
First James Bond film opened (“Dr. No,” London), 1962
Germantown, Pennsylvania founded, 1683
American Library Association organized (Philadelphia), 1876
Israel attacked by Egypt and Syria, 1973
Deadline for ERA ratification extended to June 30, 1982, 1978
Alfred Lord Tennyson, English poet, died, 1892
World Series broadcast for the first time (Grantland Rice), 1921
Charles Stewart Parnell, Irish patriot, died, 1891
Michael Jordan, basketball player, announced his retirement, 1993
“Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte published, 1847
First coed public school (Antioch College - Yellow Springs, Ohio), 1853
First US train robbery ($13,000 - Reno brothers), 1866
First talking motion picture opened (“The Jazz Singer, New York), 1927
Anwar El-Sadat, Egyptian president, assassinated, 1981