The Daily News | October 21

First US military members saw action in WWI, 1917
Guggenheim Museum opened, 1959
First Ford Model A came off the assembly line, 1927
USS Constitution launched, 1797
Horatio Nelson, British naval commander, died, 1805
Chinese troops occupied Tibet, 1950
Francois Truffaut, French film director, died, 1984
Battle of Leesburg (Virginia), 1861
Commercial trans-Pacific passenger service began, 1936
San Juan Islands awarded to US, 1872
Coal-waste slide buried Aberfan, Wales (>140 killed), 1966
French women gain the right to vote, 1945
First autogyro manufactured with a closed cabin flown, 1931
First air ambulance service organized, 1929
Pietro Aretino, Italian writer (“The Cotesan”), died, 1556
Columbus landed at San Salvador Island, 1492
Arthur Schnitzler, Austrian playwright and novelist, died, 1931
John Thomas Scopes, schoolteacher, died, 1970
British fleet defeated French-Spanish fleet off Trafalgar, 1805
Aachen, Germany surrendered to the Allies, 1944
Jean-Louis Lebris de “Jack” Kerouac, US novelist, died, 1969
Vietnam protestors stormed the US Pentagon, 1967
Thomas Edison invented the first practical incandescent lamp, 1879
Saint Ursula and 11,000 virgins slaughtered, 237
First day of shooint on “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, 1968
“Casino Royale” broadcast live on US TV, 1954
Dan White, freed after five years for killing San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, committed suicide, 1985
Fred Dryer got two safeties in one NFL game, 1973