The Daily News | January 24

Radioactive debris from Cosmos 954 (Soviet) reached ground, 1978
Rubber heel patented, 1899
First Boy Scout troop organized (Sir Baden-Powell, England), 1908
Data General’s Nova introduced, 1969
George Clymer, signer of US Declaration of Independence, died, 1813
Jane Wyman married Ronald Wilson Reagan, 1940
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, British statesman died, 1965
First ice cream bar (Eskimo Pie) patented, 1922
US Supreme Court ruled that an income tax was unconstitutional, 1916
Beer first sold in cans (Richmond, Virginia), 1935
Lafayette Ron Hubbard, SF writer and founder of Scientology, died, 1986
Apple Computer unveiled the Macintosh computer, 1984
Gold discovered in California at (Sutter’s Mill by J.W. Marshal), 1848
Theodore Bundy, serial killer, executed (Florida), 1989
Ira Hamilton, one of the Marines who raised the flag on Iwo Jima, died, 1955
Thurgood Marshall, former US Supreme Court Justice, died, 1993
Lord Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill, British statesman and father of Sir Winston, died, 1895
Voyager 2 (US) revealed 10 previously unknown Uranus moons, 1986