The Daily News | January 22

Postal route between Boston and New York City began, 1673
Hoover’s RFC, 1932
Pope Benedict XV (Giacomo dela Chiesa), 258th pope, died, 1922
Queen Victoria died, 1901
R. Budd Dwyer, Pennsylvania State Treasurer, shot himself, 1987
Telly Savalas, actor, died, 1994
Army of the Potomac stopped by thirty hours of steady rain, 1863
Roe v. Wade decision handed down, 1973
Jimmy Carter visited the freed US hostages in West Germany, 1981
David Bowie announced he was gay, 1972
Lewis Morris, signer of US Declaration of Independence, died, 1798
Andrea del Sarto, Italian painter, died, 1531
Human-powered flight record broken (37.2 miles, Glen Tremml), 1987
King Edward VII became English Sovereign, 1901
“Our Town” first performed publicly (Princeton, New Jersey), 1938
Falkland Islands ceded to Britain (by Spain), 1771
Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected Lavinia Goddell because she was a woman, 1876
Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th US president, died, 1973
“Red Sunday” - demonstrating Russian workers fired on by Imperial troops, 1905
US troops established a beachhead at Anzio, Italy, 1944