The Daily News | January 20

John Ruskin, critic (“Modern Painters”), died, 1900
ACLU founded, 1920
Britain’s House of Commons met for the first time, 1265
George V of England died, 1936
Pearl Harbor leased from Hawaii to use as a naval port, 1887
David Garrick, British actor, died, 1779
R.D. Blackmore, English novelist (“Lorna Doone”), died, 1900
Edward VIII became English Sovereign, 1936
Martin Luther King Day first observed as a federal holiday, 1986
John Marshall appointed Chief Justice, 1801
Preliminary cessation of hostilities signed (US Revolutionary War), 1783
China ceded Hong Kong to Great Britain, 1841
First officially recognized basketball game played (Springfield, Massachusetts), 1892
Iran released US hostages after 444 days, 1981
US President Carter announced that the US will not participate in the Moscow Summer Olympics, 1980
Robinson Jeffers, US poet and playwright, died, 1962